Legislative News in April 2011


The  amendments  which  were  introduced  to  the  Labour  Code  through  the  Law  no.
40/31.03.2011, which entered into force as of 30th
of April 2011, are expected to bring a
balance in the reports between the employers and the employees, as the previous content
of the Labour Code explicitly favored the employees. 

Some of the main amendments of the Labour Code are the following: 

•  The trial period for verifying the abilities of the employees can be established for a
maximum 90 calendar days  (for regular positions) and for a maximum 120 calendar
days (for executive positions). 
•  The removal of the interdiction of successively employing more than three persons
on trial periods for the same position.
•  The period  for which  several persons can be employed on  trial period  for  the  same
position is of 12 months. 
•  The  introduction of  the right of  the employer to establish  targets of performance
and criteria for evaluation of their accomplishment.
•  The  amendment  of  the  criteria  considered  when  deciding  the  collective
.  The  main  criteria  which  will  be  taken  in  consideration  will  be  the
performance  and  target  reaching  and  secondly  the  social  criteria.  The  criteria
regarding the assessment of professional performance will prevail.  
•  The  amendment  of  the  notice  term.  The  notice  term  is  agreed  by  the  parties  or
stipulated in the collective labor agreements and can not be less than 20 business days
for employees on regular positions and less than 45 days for employees on executive
•  The term for which a fixed term labor agreement can be concluded can not be higher
than 36 months.
•  The  employer  may  request  information  from  previous  employers regarding  the
person  requesting  employment,  but  only  in  respect  of  the  activities  undertaken,  the
term of employment and in full awareness of the employee. 
•  New sanctions for breaching the provisions of the Labour Code were introduced.